De nieuwe update is er! Het zou de grootste update zijn tot nu toe. Hier ne lijst mee wa er nieuw is:

- Natures: all 25 natures, should work identically to the pokemon games, visible in the pokemon summary screen 25 natures zoals in de spellen die bepalen welke stats het snelste groeien
- Growths: 7 different growths, impacts how big the pokemon is and will be.  Visible in the pokemon summary screen 7 verschillende groottes voor elke pokémon
- Bosses: 3 different types of bosses (uncommon, rare and legendary), each is bigger, stronger and much harder to catch than normal. Defeating them will cause them to drop rare items (tms, potions etc), pokemon of the same evolutionary chain will spawn around them in larger groups. Boss-pokémon die zeldzame items droppen als ze gekilld worde
 - Added Fossil Cleaner: rotating machine you put your uncovered fossils into to clean them, making them ready for the fossil reviving machine.  fossil cleaner om uncovered fossils om te zetten in gewone fossils
                 Recipe: AAA/AAA/RGR  (A=aluminium plate, R=redstone, G=glassPane)
Right click it with a fossil in hand to activate it and right click to remove the cleaned fossil when it’s stopped.  (Thanks Jurro for the model)
- Everstone and other held items all now function correctly Everstone en andere held-items werke nu fatsoenlijk
- Disabled damage from cactus and arrows on pokemon Pokémon kunne nu ook nemeer door cacti en arrows geraakt worde
- Streamlined and sped-up the spawning algorithms, things should be a bit smoother and use less cpu Aanpassingen in de spawning
- New config options: allowRiding, allowPlanting, allowPvpExperience nieuwe config opties
- Re-build of the battle system allowing generalised participants Battle systeem is ook verbeterd
- Battle chat now uses nicknames De nicknames van je pokémon worden nu ook gebruikt in de tekst bij battles
- Moves Coded: Aangepaste aanvalle
- 5 New Trainers: Nieuwe trainers
                Ornithologist, Bug Maniac, Fire Breather, Little Boy Swimmer, Male Swimmer
- 19 New Pokemon (Thanks to Light Adept): Nieuwe pokémon
                Clefable, Clefairy, Sandslash, Persian, Raticate, Aerodactyl, Bellsprout, sandshrew, Fearow, Anorith, Archen, Polywhirl, Cranidos, Shieldon, Archeops, Graveler, Espeon, Gengar, Nidoranfemale
- New Models: Nieuwe modellen (het uiterlijk)
                Magnemite, charizard, mareep, zubat, pidgey
- Mareep can now be shorn; wool will regrow after time, use shears to shear Mareeps kunnen net als schapen geschoren worden

- Fossils for which the created pokemon is not in game are not generated or findable in the world
- Nickname was being set when a pokemon entered a pc (causing name kept on evolution)
- Fixed a crash from new database retrieval method where download of database pointer returns null
- Pokemon can no longer be sent out in battle when fainted or healed with potions
- Fixed crash on closing trading gui with button
- Fixed fossil machine display rendering through other object
- Learning moves happens after evolution
- Evolution now happens back a level earlier
- Fixed crash from pokemon riding minecarts
- Fixed pokedex in smp
- Fix to our y-rotation issues with techne!!! – As a result a whole bunch of old models that had glitches now look right!
- Water pokemon no longer drown
- Swimming pokemon no longer jump up and down lots
- Fixed crash on picking a move that was empty in battle
- Fixed being able to use an attack with no pp
- Shinies will now stay shiny on catch

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